Rules | Enabling a Rule

To enable a rule, you must be signed in to your Google Account to access the Google Add-on.

1. Press on the DSA Add-on icon from the right-side menu when you are inside Gmail.

2. Then press on the RULES button from the navigation menu.

3. When you reach the rules screen, select a rule and from the right-side press on the slider.


Types of Labels:

DSA/Sub-label: Emails that have been chosen by the rule and are ready to be processed.

DSA-Saved/Sub-label: Emails that have been chosen by the rule and have been processed and its files have been saved inside the specified folder in the rule.

DSA Gmail Inbox Labels
DSA Gmail Inbox Email Not Saved
DSA Gmail Inbox Email Saved



Manually deleting Gmail filters that are created from the add-on can generate errors if the rule is enabled or disabled.

Manually deleting rules from the ‘DSA – Rules’ Google Sheet file will not delete the Gmail filters that are created in the process of enabling a rule from the add-on and you will have to identify it and delete it manually.

DSA Rules List