Rules | Viewing & Editing a Rule

To add view or edit a rule, you must be signed in to your Google Account to access the Google Add-on.

1. Press on the DSA Add-on icon from the right-side menu when you are inside Gmail.

2. Then press on the RULES button from the navigation menu.

3. When you reach the rules screen, select a rule and press on the EDIT button.

4. After viewing or modifying the wanted fields, only if the rule has been enabled/disabled, you can either press on the: 

  • PLAY/PAUSE button – this will enable or disable the rule for fetching files from specific emails based on that rule.
  • DELETE button – this will delete the rule and return you to the list of rules.
  • UPDATE RULE button – this will update a rule based on the modified form and return you to the list of rules.
  • BACK button – this will return you to the list of rules.


Types of Rules:

New Rule: New rule that needs to be enabled to work.

Inactive Rule: Rule that is paused and is not working.

Active Rule: Rule that is active and working.

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